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January in the garden

Now is a great time to plan as you can see the bare bones of your garden

Put aside your January blues, recycle your Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch and focus on the garden. Now is a great time to plan as you can see the bare bones of your garden and what needs pruning, moving or planting to enhance your outdoor space ready for the spring months ahead.

January blog

Categories: Blog, Garden diary, Garden maintenance
Date: 2nd January 2023

Now is a good time to prune apple and pear trees as they have lost their leaves and are dormant. Pruning during the winter months will also really help apple and pear trees which look a bit straggly as it will concentrate the sap into fewer buds resulting in strong growth. There is also still time to move or plant deciduous trees whilst they are dormant.

There isn’t a huge amount you can do for your lawn during January apart from making sure it is clear of debris and leaves. If its waterlogged, you can spike it with a fork to help the drainage. Remember if its frosty try not to walk on the grass as you can damage it.

Beds and borders
Digging over the soil on vegetable and flower beds will improve the soil. You can also plan what you want to plant as you have a blank canvas.

Plants and hedges
This is a great time to cut back vines, you can be quite savage as they will quickly grow back. You can also prune wisteria during January and February by cutting the whippy green shoots to two or three buds. Rose bushes can be cut back to just above a bud whilst they dormant, remove dead branches.


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